NUTRITION 26th July 2017

The Genetic Diet:
A permanent solution to weight loss?


“The same dietary advice cannot be good for everyone, because we are all different”.

That’s the hard line from Dr. Eran Elinav – immunologist at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel. His team studies nutritional genomics, a promising field of genetics that explains why you don’t lose weight on a given diet, even though your friend does.

MIND 12th July 2017

Sunning in the South of France


Ocean vista’s, fast cars, and beautiful mountain ranges – the South of France has it all. Last week I took a short three day trip to the Côte d’Azur aka the French Riviera. Here are some highlights!READ MORE

NUTRITION 28th June 2017

It lives in the sea but is this the
most important plant in the world?


Marine phytoplankton is a microscopic marine algae that lives just below the surface of the ocean. Invisible to the human eye, it is now regarded by scientists at NASA as the most important plant on earth. Why? It’s responsible for 90% of the world’s oxygen and even our food supply.

As if that wasn’t enough, the potent detox and healing properties of phytoplankton, make it one of the most promising discoveries in the future of natural medicine.


FOOD 21st June 2017

Quick and Easy
Chicken Masala


This week’s post was meant to pay homage to one of my childhood favorites: tandoori chicken. An indian classic, it packs a rich, vibrant punch; infusing the spices of tandoori, masala, and cumin. It’s versatile too: bake, grill or BBQ it.

As I unpacked my groceries, ready to start, I realized my haste at the supermarket had cost me the key ingredient: tandoori. Ooops. READ MORE

NUTRITION 14th June 2017

Are you cut out for six pack abs?
Take the test to find out


Six pack abs are like the holy grail of fitness: good luck finding them.

Forget what you see on TV. No one ever got abs from a pill or a four-week workout plan. Nothing about a six pack is quick. It takes months, if not years, to fine tune this muscle group.

Do you have what it takes?  Answer these questions to see if you’re cut out for the most coveted prize in fitness.READ MORE

WORKOUT 7th June 2017

Flying this summer? Read this first


Whether you’re long or short hauling this summer, the truth is, when you step off a plane, you’ve just gone ten rounds with radiation and EMF exposure, dehydration and enough inflammation to cause significant damage. Though you may not feel it, air travel poses a very real threat to your health.

The good news is that you can mitigate these effects by following a few simple steps.