FOOD 29th March 2017

Oats & Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie – YASSS!


If you ask me what my favorite foods are, 2/3 are listed in the title of this post. Peanut Butter is probably what I would take to a desert island, and oats are my favorite carbs – EVER. Add a banana and some cacao powder to the mix, and you have an odyssey of sweety goodness!READ MORE

FOOD, NUTRITION 22nd March 2017

Palm Oil and the reason your healthy products may be deadly


Last year, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) announced that palm oil, the most utilized vegetable oil in the world, is potentially carcinogenic; meaning, it can cause cancer.

But avoiding it poses an incredible challenge. It’s found in roughly 50% of the packaged foods, personal care and cleaning products we use, due to its cheap production costs relative to other vegetable oils. Everything from Nutella, to laundry detergent, contains palm oil.

Surely, if we eat clean and buy green, we’re safe, right?  Not quite.


FOOD 15th March 2017

Diet Ethics: In the quest to save planet earth, should you eat meat or plants?


Did you know your food choices carry a carbon footprint? It’s not as obvious as the car you may drive or the dish soap you use, but food production is one of the biggest contributors to global warming.

The paleo and vegan movements have come into prominence over the past decade, to address, not only our nutritional needs, but provide sustainable ways to coexist with nature. Except, that’s where their similarities end.

Vegans believe meat consumption is destroying the planet, whilst proponents of paleo eschew the very thought of a meatless world and consider animal farming vital to the state of the planet. 

So who’s right? Let’s consider some facts.READ MORE

FOOD 8th March 2017

Why I quit Whole Foods


Last week I decided to quit Whole Foods as a regular.  I was once a loyalist, defending them against the ‘Whole Foods Whole Paycheck’ naysayers. My weekly shop at the Union Square location was routine, and I confess to knowing the layout probably better than some of the staff. But lately, the haute grocery chain, known to be synonymous with the organic movement, has me rattled. And I don’t seem to be alone. Last month, Whole Foods reported a drop in sales, marking a 6th consecutive quarter of decline.

So what gives? How has the store that put kale on the map and encouraged us to rethink our food supply, found itself in this precarious position? Why are shoppers turning their backs?


MIND 22nd February 2017

Sound Medicine: The healing power of sound

  • Our bodies are made up of energy fields known as chakras
  • A blockage in these fields causes an imbalance, leading to a range of illnesses
  • Can sound therapy end years of pain and suffering?

Sound therapy is an alternative medicine which uses musical tools and instruments to restore homeostasis in the body. Its practitioners believe it has the healing power to end sickness in seconds.

So how exactly does it work?READ MORE

FOOD 15th February 2017



Hot off a personal record in the gym last night (a 195lb squat for 3 reps), I decided to reward myself by baking ! As a lover of all things cinnamon and muffins, combining them was an obvious choice!  READ MORE