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MIND, WORKOUT 12th September 2016

TELOMERES: The keys to anti-aging you’ve probably never heard of


See the photo above? That’s Ernestine Shepherd (photo credit:, 80 years old and declared the oldest female bodybuilder on the planet by the Guinness Book of World Records. Nothing about Ernestine looks 80, those biceps for starters. Unfortunately, in a day where hectic lifestyles are the norm, our bodies take quite a beating. If you feel stressed, tired and worn out, chances are, your body will age prematurely. But don’t despair, your body is a remarkable organism and through a little-known compound we all possess you can still drink from the fountain of youth. It’s time we learned about telomeres.

MIND, WORKOUT 29th August 2016

Yosemite captured on my iPhone


Hello folks,

This week I’m taking a little break from the norm and sharing with you moments from my vacation last week, where I took to the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California and spent three days in the wilderness of Yosemite National Park (meditation was a must…..).READ MORE

FOOD, MIND, NUTRITION, Uncategorized, WORKOUT 22nd August 2016

Say NO to weight loss


Sounds like an odd thing to say right? After all, hundreds of millions of people across the world struggle with their weight, obesity levels are rising and the call to lose weight is louder than it has ever been. The most frequently used model to assess an individual’s weight is the Body Mass Index (BMI)*. BMI calculates your weight in proportion to your height and labels you underweight, normal, overweight or obese. That’s all well and good except for one thing: BMI neglects the most important variable in its equation: Fat. READ MORE

WORKOUT 25th July 2016

When is the best time of day to workout?


Did you know that a one hour workout equates to just 4% of your day (1/24 x 100 = 4% for the fact checkers).  Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, this fractional unit of time should make it seamless to get that sweat session in, right? Hmmm, maybe not.  Family, work, commuting and Netflix get in the way and before you can even check when the next Tabata class starts, it’s time to hit the hay. This begs the question: when IS the best time to workout? READ MORE

MIND, WORKOUT 27th June 2016

Peak Performance


I’ve always thought that climbing a peak is somehow more palatable when I can see the summit from the trailhead and throughout the hike. The visual inspiration to hold my attention as I slog my way uphill is a perfect life metaphor for perseverance. So when asked if I wanted to hike Mission Peak in Silicon Valley, why would I refuse?


Being Healthy: What does it mean to you


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The word healthy means different things to different people. It could mean something completely different to a student than it does to a mom of three. In this blog post I want you to know being healthy is not a one-size fits all approach and the only way to be truly healthy is to do what makes YOU feel good. Here are some of the most common misconceptions you should beware of:READ MORE

MIND, WORKOUT 9th May 2016

Comeback Kings: Tales of bankruptcy, team spirit and a woman who changed daytime TV forever


What does it take to master a comeback? I found myself asking the question as I foam rolled my hamstrings on a rainy first Friday of May. It feels like NYC has lost Spring, bypassed Summer and headed straight for the Fall. As I lay there releasing knots in my poor muscles, I visualized my own return to the gym, fresh off a three month leave of absence due to injury. I was excited but nervous at the same time, I have unfinished business with the barbell and the importance of achieving goals I set out a year a go has taken on new meaning.  I share this personal anecdote for good reason:READ MORE

MIND, WORKOUT 18th April 2016

Cold as Ice: The lesser known benefits of Ice


Application of ice during the acute stages of an injury is nothing new, everyone knows this (I think). Ice combats inflammation and therefore reduces swelling and pain.  It is also widely used as a post workout recovery protocol, again because of it’s countering effects to your body’s inflammatory response after a hard workout. However, to leave it at that would be a huge disservice to our cool friend.  You see, ice isn’t just a quick fix when your ankle is swollen or your muscles are crying from soreness and lactic acid build up…. Flying under the radar, here are some of the most surprising reasons you need to keep ice on deck:


MIND, WORKOUT 28th March 2016

Take a seat? Maybe not….


In his New York Times best seller, ‘Eat Move Sleep’, Author Tom Rath makes a compelling argument about how to lead a fulfilling life, a state he refers to as ‘fully charged’. To be fully charged Rath believes human beings must have:READ MORE


Lose weight with a 9 to 5, family and four hour commute


Weight loss, leaning out, toning up, slimming down… call it what you like but the quest for a better body has seen most of us grapple with the challenge of ‘dieting’ at some point in our lives.  This challenge usually ends by day two when we throw our hands up, say ‘F$CK it’ and reach for a slice of pizza. We equate weight loss with deprivation and this puts us at an immediate disadvantage. Perhaps it also explains why obesity plagues western society so much. We prefer to associate food with habits (convenience, joy, social) rather than need (nutrients). Until there’s a shift towards the latter, we will continue to see increased rates of heart disease, diabetes and cancer too.  A good book on this topic is ‘Deep Nutrition’ by Dr. Cate Shanahan if your curious to know more about western food ideals versus the natural and more sustainable methods adopted by indigenous cultures around the world. The differences are startling to say the least. READ MORE