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WORKOUT 7th June 2017

Flying this summer? Read this first


Whether you’re long or short hauling this summer, the truth is, when you step off a plane, you’ve just gone ten rounds with radiation and EMF exposure, dehydration and enough inflammation to cause significant damage. Though you may not feel it, air travel poses a very real threat to your health.

The good news is that you can mitigate these effects by following a few simple steps.



These three things must change if we are to reclaim our health


If you are one of the millions, planning out your new year’s resolutions, or what I prefer to call ‘the first week of Jan to-do list’, please read this first.

If we are to reclaim our health and minimize our risk of illness, we need:

  • A reformed understanding of nutrition: the role it plays in our health, and an overhaul of dietary guidelines.
  • The need for individualized medicine and a move away from the one-size-fits-all approach.
  • An informed public: questioning the status quo and making educated lifestyle choices to become better advocates for our health.


Uncategorized, WORKOUT 30th November 2016

Road tripping through Utah: Zion National Park


This year, for Thanksgiving, I was on Delta flight 463 crossing the country when most people were tucking into turkey and debating the election. I was headed to Las Vegas for the long weekend. During my time there, I drove to Zion National Park in Utah. This is an account of my day trip to Zion, a magical land that lives up to its biblical name.READ MORE

MIND, WORKOUT 16th November 2016

The healing power of YOU


He said it would heal in a few weeks. Eleven months later, in a sigh of resignation, I declared ‘I’m done’. I had reached my last nerve. Little did I know, these two words would activate a healing power within me, a power to end a year of heartache and desperation. READ MORE


Nrf2: the ultimate anti-aging weapon

  • Nrf2 is a protein promising to be the next big thing in anti-aging science
  • It lies within each of our cells and regulates the antioxidants that fight illness
  • Certain foods activate the release of Nrf2 and its biological pathways

Getting old just happens right? But have you ever stopped to consider how aging actually works? For an industry set to rocket to $216 billion by the year 2021, men and women in white lab coats are working endlessly to figure out how to prevent wrinkles. Beyond vanity though, aging has a more serious implication; it causes illness. The older we get the more prone we are to ill health. Most recently, scientists have focused their efforts on what could be our most powerful agent in the fight against aging and age related disease; the best part – you don’t need to buy it. Introducing Nrf2: the body’s own secret agent.


MIND, WORKOUT 26th September 2016

My first Spartan Race


Yesterday I ran my first ever Spartan race. For those unfamiliar, Spartan races are obstacle courses ran over varying distances: 3+ miles (Sprint), 8+ miles (Super) and 12+ miles (Beast). As a newcomer to the sport I played it safe and entered the Sprint: twenty obstacles spread out over 3 miles. Despite being my first Spartan, the race happened five months later than planned. I originally applied to run the Sprint in April but was held back due to wrist tendonitis. Five months on, several treatments later and with Kinesio Tape planted on my arm, I was ready and determined to strike Spartan off my 2016 goals. Here is what happened…..READ MORE