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Uncategorized, WORKOUT 30th November 2016

Road tripping through Utah: Zion National Park


This year, for Thanksgiving, I was on Delta flight 463 crossing the country when most people were tucking into turkey and debating the election. I was headed to Las Vegas for the long weekend. During my time there, I drove to Zion National Park in Utah. This is an account of my day trip to Zion, a magical land that lives up to its biblical name.READ MORE

FOOD, MIND, NUTRITION, Uncategorized, WORKOUT 22nd August 2016

Say NO to weight loss


Sounds like an odd thing to say right? After all, hundreds of millions of people across the world struggle with their weight, obesity levels are rising and the call to lose weight is louder than it has ever been. The most frequently used model to assess an individual’s weight is the Body Mass Index (BMI)*. BMI calculates your weight in proportion to your height and labels you underweight, normal, overweight or obese. That’s all well and good except for one thing: BMI neglects the most important variable in its equation: Fat. READ MORE