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HEALTH 3rd January 2018

How the medical establishment
is compromising the lives of
mothers and their babies


Childbirth is anything but calm. Pain and stress are a very real part of the process. But how much is natural and how much is determined by your care provider?

The truth is, medicine has turned childbirth into a circus act and an industry. C-section rates are three times what they should be, and the delivery process is run at the convenience of doctors, not mom or baby. Those we entrust our lives with, are altering the very essence of how life should begin.  Here’s what you need to know.READ MORE

HEALTH 27th December 2017

The wondrous health benefits
of Collagen


What do you think when you hear the word collagen?  Bold lips and plump skin? Perhaps. Since the 1980’s, collagen has been a mainstay in the world of cosmetic procedures. But did you know collagen is one of the richest sources of protein on the planet that can heal you from injuries, reverse aging and much much more?

Whether you’re a fitness junkie, stay at home mom, college student, or office bee – here’s why you need collagen in your life.READ MORE

HEALTH 6th December 2017

Move over Fish Oil:
Boost your health with Algal Oil

  • When your body is sick, it is said to be in a state of dis-ease (aka disease)

  • Disease is caused by inflammation in your body

  • Fish oil is used to quell inflammation, but concerns around its quality have raised doubts

  • ALGAL OIL is a vegan alternative to fish oil, and contains DHA – a powerhouse fatREAD MORE

HEALTH 22nd November 2017

When it comes to Eggs,
Organic doesn’t mean much


Nor does free-range, cage-free and fed on a vegetarian diet. Though these terms suggest ethical farming methods and nutrient rich eggs, in reality they are not. USDA guidelines are vague and manufacturers exploit this, much to the detriment of your health.

Here’s a simple guide to help you uncoil this labelling confusion, and what to buy instead.

HEALTH 18th October 2017

The Best Rooftop
in NYC


As rooftop season draws to a close, there was one more spot I had to check out, so this past weekend I hopped on a delayed R train and took an unplanned Uber, to make it in time for happy hour at Brooklyn Grange.

But happy hour was actually a tour, and the closest thing to a Bloody Mary here was a tomato. That’s because Brooklyn Grange is a rooftop farm.  With cities like New York and Chicago leading the charge, here’s why growing from above is the next big thing.


HEALTH 11th October 2017

Saving your life in an instant



That reality is closer than you may think. Hip replacement surgeries and traditional drug therapies could become a thing of the past. We are on the cusp of medicine’s most significant breakthrough – curing disease with robots.  READ MORE

HEALTH 4th October 2017

Why I’m giving up RXBar


Given the choice, I prefer to cook what I eat. But when it comes to snacks, I do indulge in protein bars. Finding one, however, made from clean sources is no easy feat; most are filled with ingredients you can’t even pronounce (*cough cough* – Quest Bar).

Finally, I thought I’d done it! About eighteen months ago I discovered RXBar, the ‘whole food‘ bar made from ‘clean food you can count on’. I was all in, had a subscription, took them with me on my travels, and even blogged about them.

Sadly, RXBar was too good to be true and as you’re about to discover, the ingredients are anything but clean.