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HEALTH 18th July 2018

How safe is CRISPR-CAS9
Gene Editing?


In June 2012, American and French molecular biologists Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna published a research paper that rocked the scientific community and made headlines around the world. Their research lifted the veil on one of nature’s most remarkable mechanisms: a tool within the cells of bacteria, that can repair human DNA.

The mechanism, known as CRISPR was hailed as a huge turning point in human medicine, because if the researchers were right, CRISPR had the potential to wipe out every disease known to mankind. But in a report published earlier this week, that notion was challenged.READ MORE

HEALTH 27th June 2018


  • Age-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, cancer and heart disease are the biggest contributors to death rates and healthcare costs globally

  • The emergence of anti-aging science suggests it is possible to eliminate these conditions by slowing down the aging process

  • As biotech firms race to find the elixir of life, venture capitalists are lining up to foot the bill


HEALTH 16th May 2018

Allergy Season:
Get to the Root of it

  • Allergy season is here, which means Kleenex, sore eyes and Claritin

  • Over 50 million American adults are affected by seasonal allergies, but medications only work to suppress symptoms, failing to address the underlying cause: an out-of-whack immune system

  • To restore your body’s immune response and overcome the chronic effects of allergies, probiotics and yeast compounds may have the solution


HEALTH 18th April 2018

Can these men
Disrupt Healthcare?


The ways in which we watch TV, hail a taxi or book a vacation rental have changed. More to the point, they’ve been disrupted thanks to Netflix, Uber and Airbnb.

And now, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet and Jamie Dimon, intend to take the disruptor model to healthcare. In January, the three men joined forces to set up an independent healthcare company for their employees.

But can two financial powerhouses and an online retailer feasibly disrupt the healthcare industry?  Theoretically speaking, no. Here’s why.

HEALTH 4th April 2018

Pasta does not make you fat, and
Cholesterol tests should be retired


Hi Guys,

Apologies in advance, this week’s post will be light. I’ve just moved apartments, which comes with plenty of unpacking, admin work, and that classic of walking in to your new home to find there are no windows (true story).

That said, I did want to share two interesting stories that caught my attention this past week. Let’s get the ball rolling with this one:READ MORE

HEALTH 21st March 2018

Climate Change and Coral Reefs:
A tragic ending for us all


Coral reefs are the epitome of mother nature’s beauty: their dazzling display of bright colors and crystal-like structures are a sight for sore eyes. But a rise in sea temperatures onset by global warming is mounting a serious threat to reefs worldwide.  And the consequences don’t end there……

This is the tragic tale of climate change, the great coral reefs, and you & me.