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MIND 4th July 2018

NY State of Mind


Happy 4th of July everyone!  This week I didn’t have time to put pen to paper, I have just returned from a short break in upstate New York.  I visited Lake George and Saratoga Springs with my dad. We took a boat ride, watched the sunset, ate amazing ice cream and admired vintage cars. Check out the highlights below, and if you haven’t already, visit upstate NY – I highly recommend it (preferably when it’s not 100 degrees though!).

As always, pushing for health.READ MORE

HEALTH 27th June 2018


  • Age-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, cancer and heart disease are the biggest contributors to death rates and healthcare costs globally

  • The emergence of anti-aging science suggests it is possible to eliminate these conditions by slowing down the aging process

  • As biotech firms race to find the elixir of life, venture capitalists are lining up to foot the bill


MIND 13th June 2018

The Wisdom
of Animals


Animals have been spiritual companions to humans since the beginning of time and it’s no coincidence we feel a connection with them. Animals touch us in a deep, central place – something I personally experienced when I met eight adorable puppies last weekend. 


FOOD 6th June 2018

Energy Clusters!!


Ironically, this weeks post comes at an appropriate time for me. I’m exhausted.

I recently started a new job and the learning curve has been nothing short of steep. I love what I do, but it’s mentally tough: new role, new industry, new culture and of course, new people.  I wouldn’t change it for the world, but I’m exhausted most evenings, much to the detriment of my social life and any hope of a consistent gym routine.

MIND 24th May 2018

Why Motivation
is Garbage


Two minutes

Let me start with an apology, I’m already a day late in posting this (sorry!).  A combination of family in town and my work schedule left me with little time to spare this week.

Saying that I wanted to share an amazing interview I watched recently. I think it may have transformed my life, so I urge you to take fifty minutes out of your day and see what Mel can do for you!!!! READ MORE

HEALTH 16th May 2018

Allergy Season:
Get to the Root of it

  • Allergy season is here, which means Kleenex, sore eyes and Claritin

  • Over 50 million American adults are affected by seasonal allergies, but medications only work to suppress symptoms, failing to address the underlying cause: an out-of-whack immune system

  • To restore your body’s immune response and overcome the chronic effects of allergies, probiotics and yeast compounds may have the solution