About Me


I’m Suki, a London born, New York based Finance professional, with a passion for weights and real food. This blog is a personal account of how I was forced to change my ways following emergency surgery in 2012.

Predisposed to the lazy gene and a sweet tooth, I wasn’t very active growing up. Sports Day was a chore, I would only partake in events with the least competition (in Year 9 this paid off.. I took Silver in High Jump!!).

In 2010 my career took me to New York and fast forward to 2016, I’m forever striving to do it all. At the office by day, lifting at night. I cook all my meals (when I’m not indulging in the odd cheat meal), all of which I’ve found is a method of trial and error with a little finesse. This lifestyle is really like having two full time jobs but I continue to love and embrace it.

I’m not a qualified trainer, strength coach or nutritionist but I’ve gone from average to athletic and I want to inspire people who wish to do the same.

I welcome you to follow as I share my personal journey, working out and clocking in. Oh, I may convert you to Vegan baking (though I’m not Vegan) along the way!

As always, pushing for health.



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