MIND 13th June 2018

The Wisdom
of Animals


Animals have been spiritual companions to humans since the beginning of time and it’s no coincidence we feel a connection with them. Animals touch us in a deep, central place – something I personally experienced when I met eight adorable puppies last weekend. 

I was accompanying my friend and her dog, a beautiful nine-year old Retriever named Stormy, to visit Stormy’s breeder Cindy. The trip was a reunion for her as much as a fun day out for me.

Along the way, we stopped to play fetch at a local lake. Stormy’s nonchalant pace in the water was quite charming, so were her deep brown eyes.

Stormy before the lake

Stormy after the lake






We arrived at Cindy’s house, to a welcome committee of six adult Retrievers, each weighing over sixty pounds. They pounced on us with veracious affection, and after some playful back and forth in the kitchen, we headed down to meet a litter of puppies. If I’m honest, I was not prepared for what happened next.


They were six weeks old, four girls and four boys. Their milky white color and small paws were a sight for sore eyes. They jumped up in their play-pen, vying for attention. It was a moment I will never forget. My gaze was fixed, my heart skipped a few beats, and in those few seconds, time slowed down to an eternal pace. Nothing else mattered.


We took the puppies outside to get some fresh air and to handle their business (their not-so-cute business that is). As I reached into the play-pen, they tugged at my arm with a face saying ‘pick me pick me’. My only wish was that I had more hands.

I picked one up and held him in my arms. It was a magical moment, hard to put into words. He was so quiet, so cute and filled me with sheer bliss.

He wasn’t ready for the Snap 😉

A few minutes later, we had all eight puppies bouncing around the lawn. They were mischievous, finding obscure spots to hide in. They liked untying my shoe laces – the teething process does that.

Play time on the lawn

Hide & Be Seeked

Just can’t get enough 🙂

We attempted a photoshoot but it turned into a hot mess. The puppies would not pose in unison, so we let them roll around the grass some more, before taking them back to their play-pen. Recreation time (for them and me) was over. My time with these precious souls had come to an end.

Photoshoot: Mission aborted

Reflecting on that day, I drew some conclusions:

Animals don’t care what you look like

In an age where Kardashian looks dominate our social media feeds, popularity is often correlated to appearance. But that day, I could have been wearing a trash bag, or dressed head to toe in Balmain, the puppies didn’t care – they were just pleased to see me.

Animals love hard

Animals are deeply affectionate and emotional beings, something Charles Darwin first wrote about.  Anyone who has spent time with animals knows this. Our furry friends love in the purest way.

Animals are compassionate and intelligent

Hard day at the office? Argument with a loved one? Sometimes all we need is the company of a dog or a cat for comfort.

Animals are also a lot smarter than they need to be and make up for their lack of language in other ways. Only today, a coworker told me the story of how her family Maltese ignored her father for two straight days, because he didn’t take the dog on vacation with him. LOL.

When I look at these photos, all I see is love, joy, happiness and loyalty. And I learned that being spiritual does not require certain words or actions, just the will to open our hearts and minds like animals do.

Sleep tight

As always, pushing for health.