HEALTH 4th April 2018

Pasta does not make you fat, and
Cholesterol tests should be retired


Hi Guys,

Apologies in advance, this week’s post will be light. I’ve just moved apartments, which comes with plenty of unpacking, admin work, and that classic of walking in to your new home to find there are no windows (true story).

That said, I did want to share two interesting stories that caught my attention this past week. Let’s get the ball rolling with this one:

Pasta does NOT make you fat:

A friend sent me this story from the NY Daily News, in which a group of Canadian researchers claim pasta does not cause weight gain, contrary to popular belief.

But don’t go binging on the baked ziti just yet….

These findings are misleading. The researchers trivially point out participants were served half a cup of pasta, aka nothing.  Instead, they focus their argument on the fact that pasta is low on the Glycemic Index (GI), and does not spike blood sugar levels (known to trigger weight gain).

Half a cup of anything is unlikely to cause weight gain, and nobody is ever satisfied with half a cup of pasta. To draw any meaningful conclusions from this research is unhelpful.

Full story:

Should we retire cholesterol tests?

Some doctors say so.  Instead, they advocate the testing of ApoB: a protein that circulates in your bloodstream, which could be a more accurate assessor of cardiovascular disease.

In a piece written by the magazine Science, traditional methods for testing heart disease fall short. LDL and HDL cholesterol tests only tell you if your blood contains fat, but say nothing about how much cholesterol is in that fat.

By contrast, apoB illustrates this very point, making it a more viable screening tool for heart disease.

Full story:

I encourage you to read these articles, and next time you see your doc, ask them what they think.

As always, pushing for health.