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This last week has been nothing short of crazy. I’ve visited three different time zones (here I am rounding my travels off in beautiful, sunny Beverly Hills), and my body clock has no idea if it’s coming or going. I also decided to switch gears for this weeks post, to share my current reading material and a recent podcast that really inspired me. Enjoy 🙂

Books: PRINCIPLES by Ray Dalio

All this traveling afforded me extra read time (eighteen hours to be exact), so I used it to finish Principles, by Ray Dalio.

In 563 pages, Dalio (founder of Bridgewater Associates – the most successful hedge fund of all time) discusses the behavioral principles he attributes to his success and how you can apply them to improve your personal and work life.

The first half of the book is largely biographical and documents Dalio’s emphatic rise in the world of Finance. In 1982, he lost millions of dollars when he incorrectly bet on the Mexican economy and was forced to take loans from his father to support his young family.  That loss proved to be the catalyst for founding Bridgewater and taught Dalio a lesson in fear and humility that would go on to shape the rest of his life.

In the book, Dalio repeatedly draws on two major themes: Idea Meritocracy and Radical Transparency.

Idea Meritocracy: adopting methods to make sure the best ideas come to the fore. In this structure, everyone has a seat at the table: the analyst’s opinion counts just as much as the founders. Using algorithms to stress test the teams input, ensures you arrive at the best decision.

Radical Transparency: for an idea meritocracy to work, Dalio asserts you must be radically transparent in your dealings with people. Honest dialogue is one of the reasons for Bridgewaters success, but it’s not for everyone. All conversations at Bridgewater are recorded (except for personal matters), and a third of employees who join the firm, leave within the first eighteen months.

I highly recommend Principles; it will humble you. And as Dalio eludes to, only those who know what they don’t know will succeed.

Podcasts: Ed Mylett Show ft Sarah Centrella – Hustle Believe Receive

I have been a convert to Ed’s show ever since I heard him on Lewis Howes ‘School of Greatness’. In this episode, the peak performance expert interviews Sarah Centrella: a mom of two, who discovered her husband was having an affair and kicked him out immediately. What followed was months of food stamps, handouts, but a will to succeed and the power of belief.

Citing Oprah as an inspiration, Sarah applied vision board techniques to surround herself with images of everything she desired – from vacations to her children’s idols. And it didn’t take long for the universe to grant Sarah her wishes.

She manifested an all-expenses-paid trip to NYC, whilst working as a PA in Portland. Following that, she and her son met NFL star Michael Oher (from the movie The Blind Side). Everything from the exact air miles she needed, to being surprised with field passes, and timing their visit just as Michael Oher was practicing, confirm why Sarah is a testament to the power of visualization.

Podcast link: Ed Mylett ft Sarah Centrella. Block an hour for this one, Sarah is a regular person like you and me, and even in the face of true adversity, manifested so many great things. Her book Hustle Believe Receive is next on my reading list.

I hope you found this post useful, and let me know if you try out any of these recommendations.

As always, pushing for health.