HEALTH 3rd January 2018

How the medical establishment
is compromising the lives of
mothers and their babies


Childbirth is anything but calm. Pain and stress are a very real part of the process. But how much is natural and how much is determined by your care provider?

The truth is, medicine has turned childbirth into a circus act and an industry. C-section rates are three times what they should be, and the delivery process is run at the convenience of doctors, not mom or baby. Those we entrust our lives with, are altering the very essence of how life should begin.  Here’s what you need to know.

Delivering a baby should NOT happen laying on your back

Also known as the lithotomy position, this is the worst yet most common method for natural childbirth. It has no medical basis and dates back to the French monarch, King Louis XIV, a voyeurist, who enjoyed watching women give birth.

The best way to deliver a baby is by squatting. This position creates more pressure and opens 20 to 30% more of the birth canal, than any other position.  Ancient civilizations used squatting and certain indigenous cultures use it to this day.

C-sections: dangers and limitations

Global rates of cesarean (C-section) births are staggering. In China, they account for 50% of all births, and in the U.S., where CDC recommendations are capped at 10%, 32% of babies born in 2015 were via C-section. Reasons range from the cosmetic (too posh to push), to individual risk factors associated with a vaginal birth.

However, the uptake in C-sections has been largely driven by two things: convenience to the doctor (a typical C-section takes 45 minutes, a natural labor can last 20 hours), and advances in technology, leading to more and more women believing the procedure is safer than a conventional birth. This is not true.

Over the past twenty-five years, maternal mortality rates (mothers dying after birth) have doubled according to Dr. Christiane Northrup, OB-GYN, and three-time New York Times bestselling author.  Not only that, C-sections carry far higher risks than vaginal delivery, including a three-fold higher rate of infection, hemorrhage, and organ damage.

A child born through C-section also runs the risk of autoimmune and gut disorders later in life. This is said to happen because the microbial genes (your microbiome) associated with immunity are only transferred through a mother’s vaginal canal.

Cutting the umbilical cord too soon

The umbilical cord provides backup to the lungs when a baby takes its first breath. It supports the baby until it gets used to breathing independently.  Snipping the cord immediately is not only unnatural but sends the baby into shock. Yet that’s what doctors do, to expedite the birth process and make room for the next one.

Breastfeeding vs formula

A mother’s milk contains antibodies, enzymes, hormones and tons of nutrients that no baby formula can ever match. There is no debating that today. But in the 1970’s, over 75% of babies in the U.S. were raised on formula. The medical establishment did little to prevent this artificial junk food from being fed to babies.

The birth of a baby is a divine moment and should be treated with love, care, and support. Raising awareness of these issues is a small step towards rethinking how we perform childbirth.

As always, pushing for health.