HEALTH 4th October 2017

Why I’m giving up RXBar


Given the choice, I prefer to cook what I eat. But when it comes to snacks, I do indulge in protein bars. Finding one, however, made from clean sources is no easy feat; most are filled with ingredients you can’t even pronounce (*cough cough* – Quest Bar).

Finally, I thought I’d done it! About eighteen months ago I discovered RXBar, the ‘whole food‘ bar made from ‘clean food you can count on’. I was all in, had a subscription, took them with me on my travels, and even blogged about them.

Sadly, RXBar was too good to be true and as you’re about to discover, the ingredients are anything but clean.

Let’s start with the egg whites

According to GMOInside, RX Bar uses egg whites sourced from factory farmed chickens. Factory farming involves the use of cages, each holding 5–10 birds, who receive less space than an A4 sized sheet of paper. They are typically fed with genetically modified corn (from Monsanto).

In reality, 90% of U.S. egg production comes from hens raised in confined conditions where welfare abuse is rampant. Abuse, such as the killing of 260 million male chicks per year, because they cannot lay eggs, and a practice known as ‘forced molting’, where hens are food deprived for weeks in order to shock their bodies into the next egg-laying cycle.

Natural Flavors

The health and nutrition blogger foodbabe, wrote a fantastic piece on the “natural flavors” in RXBar. It’s a misleading term, but essentially, natural flavors can encompass up to 100 ingredients, including preservatives and solvents like BHA and propylene glycol, as well as GMO-derived ingredients. Flavors also include excitotoxins like MSG that can lead to addiction.

In their Blueberry and Peanut Butter varieties, RXBar lists ‘natural flavors’ in the ingredient list, but what they really do is take a tiny extract from either a blueberry or peanut, enough for flavoring, and leave behind the nutrients, antioxidants, polyphenols, and fiber.

Almonds, Cashews, and Dates

The ones used by RXBar are not organic which means they are conventionally grown. Conventional farming methods entail the use of toxic pesticides, and recently the USDA found 9 pesticides on conventionally grown almonds, including a carcinogen, three neurotoxins, and four honeybee toxins. Conventionally farmed dates contain Roundup (now known to be carcinogenic) and Imidacloprid, a systemic neurotoxic insecticide.

Integrity & Humility

These are the values listed on RXBars’ website. They go on to say:

“We don’t make over-the-top claims, or pretend we know what’s best for you. We stick by one promise: to provide you with really good food, and to never stop trying to make our products better.”

Whilst they continue to use non-organic ingredients and factory farmed eggs, there is no integrity in anything RXBar does. There is nothing clean or whole about their product. This company is making money from claims they cannot stand by.

Will you join me in banishing RXBar from your shopping list?

As always, pushing for health.