NUTRITION 30th August 2017

Plant Algae:
Add years to your life


Algae is the most nutrient dense plant in the world.

First off, what is algae? Pretty much any plant that grows in the sea.  It has the highest concentration of chlorophyll in the world: 100-1000 times more than any other plant, and is abundant in the enzyme superoxide dismutase.

You may know of chlorophyll as the substance which makes plants green, but its health benefits are what make it truly incredible. It is chlorophyll which oxygenates and detoxifies your blood, and it is chlorophyll which promotes antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and alkalizing effects.

Superoxide dismutase (sod) fights aging. As we get older, our cells become damaged which can lead to premature aging and age-related illness. Superoxide dismutase (found in algae), counters these effects by oxygenating your cells.  Not only that, it protects your mitochondria (the energy producers within your cells), suppresses tumors, and protects your brain, preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia

Where can you get this remarkable nutrient? Here: Energybits are concentrated algae tablets, so you can reap the superfood benefits of algae without having to fish it out from the sea.

As always, pushing for health.



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