NUTRITION 19th July 2017

Soda Sucks!
Try these delicious alternatives instead


A study published by the Journal of American College of Cardiology has found that just one or two sugary drinks per day, can increase your risk of a heart attack by a whopping 35%! 

Just in time for summer, try these healthy and refreshing alternatives instead.

Naturally Flavored Water

Infuse your water (still or sparkling) with mint, lemon or even cinnamon. You stay hydrated but also reap plenty of health benefits:

Mint is a digestion and weight-loss aid. It activates the enzymes used to convert fat from food into usable energy. Therefore, by adding mint to your diet, you decrease the amount of fat stored as body weight.  Mint is also excellent in treating respiratory conditions which result from a cold or allergies. Its cooling properties help soothe irritated throats and chesty coughs.

Cinnamon is one of the world’s most powerful natural antioxidants, known to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, and neurodegenerative conditions. And a little goes a long way; half a teaspoon can reduce blood sugar, aid in digestion and detox your body.

Lemon is wonderful for your skin, due to its antimicrobial properties. Like mint and cinnamon, it also promotes good digestion and can even prevent kidney stones. Half a lemon freshly squeezed in your water should do the trick.

Coconut Water for sports performance (and a hangover…)

For the energy drinkers out there, give coconut water a try. This naturally sweet beverage comes packed with electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and helps boost endurance; basically everything for the athletically inclined.

Or when you’re done partying, coconut water is a highly effective hangover cure!

Just be sure to buy one with no added sugars, such as Vita Coco Pure Coconut Water (available at all major supermarkets and online retailers – see here).

Juicing over processed fruit juices

Juicing is an excellent way to access the abundance of vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. Processed juices lose this nutrition in the manufacturing process. Freshly juiced fruits and vegetables deliver the enzymes, antioxidants, and natural antibiotics, vital for optimal health.

Drinking a freshly pressed juice leaves you full and energized, and unlike processed juices, you avoid a sugar crash. And because juicing removes the fiber, your digestive system gets a break too.

All it takes is a one-time investment in a juicer and a quick Pinterest search for delicious recipes. Alternatively, has some great ones if you’re just starting out (see here).


As always, pushing for health.