NUTRITION 24th May 2017


  • Water is the foundation of life 
  • When it comes to drinking water, the structure of your water is what counts
  • Tap and most bottled waters are too processed to provide any health benefits
  • Structured water, by contrast, can help us live longer and illness-free

The health benefits of water are very well established – it’s vital to human life, especially when considering up to 75% of your body is water!

What about the type of water you drink? This, it turns out, matters even more.

Scientists have now discovered that the water inside our cells is not H2O, i.e. two hydrogen atoms bonding with one oxygen atom. The water inside our cells is highly structured and resembles an ice molecule.

Due to its formation, structured water does three things: firstly, it enables our cells to fully absorb all the nutrients from our food, secondly, it hydrates us properly, and thirdly, it provides the most efficient condition for our cells to communicate. Structured water is the ultimate energy source.

Now for some bad news –  our tap water is not structured. It loses its structure during the filtration process. Even most bottled waters are unstructured. In effect, our drinking water has little to no health benefit.

To illustrate, compare the images below. On the left side is unstructured water – sporadically organized cells, infiltrated by toxins and pollutants such as chlorine. By contrast, the image on the right represents structured cells, organized and free of any pollutants.












What are the benefits of Structured Water?

Due to the role water plays in our body, structured water is said to benefit:

  • Energy levels
  • Joint health
  • Kidney and liver health
  • Concentration
  • Muscle contractions
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Metabolism and weight loss
  • Digestion

Research is also continuing to show that structured water is found surrounding healthy tissues, whereas unstructured water is found around damaged tissue.

How to structure your water (the good news)

Fortunately, it is actually possible to convert your water into a structured state. Here’s how:

Vortex devices: Available to purchase (see here), these machines mechanically increase the structure of your water.  Models range from handheld portable devices, through to home units.

Sunlight Exposure: Natural sunlight deeply penetrates your cells, which in turn builds and stores structured water.

Infrared saunas:  The infrawave energy released in these saunas works like sunlight, penetrating deep into your cells, restoring the structure of your body’s water. Infrared sauna units can be purchased for your home, or google search a sauna near you.

Consume Spring water: If you are fortunate enough to have access to a well connected to a spring, use it!! Water deep in the ground is naturally very structured.

Structured water is critical to your cell biology. By restoring your water to a structured state, you can increase life expectancy and reduce your risk of illness. Now that’s something I’ll drink to.

As always, pushing for health.