WORKOUT 19th April 2017

I was shocked. The real reason you get injured and how to treat it


Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity is the reason we get injured! 

That is, according to the principles of the ELDOA method: a stretching technique developed to cure chronic pain and common sports injuries.

I came across ELDOA by chance.

As those who know me will testify, my goal in life right now, is to place a 225 lb barbell on my back, proceed to move it swiftly down and then back up again, aka squat.

Everything was going according to plan. I could see the finish line, my training was on point, I even penned the date and time I would walk into the gym and put closure on a two-year long journey. Then, on April 3, I fell and hurt my back.

Forced to take a two-week leave of absence from the gym, I replaced squats with podcasts. Fast forward to last Friday, and a guest on my favorite podcast said something that caught my attention. I stopped washing dishes and instead, sat at my kitchen table for the next hour, discovering the ELDOA method.

What I learned blew my mind. 

What is ELDOA?

Developed by a french osteopath, Dr. Guy Voyer, ELDOA stands for Etirements Longitudinaux aver Decoaptation Osteo-Articulaire. Translated into english it means Longitudinal Osteoarticular Decoaptation. Before you get your dictionary out, it’s really just a complex way of saying decompression or opening of the joints.

ELDOA works on the assumption that gravity pulls us down, which causes our joints to compress. When this happens, the nerve in between the joints becomes irritated and pain ensues.

Think about it – every time you sit, stand or walk, your body is pulled down by gravity.  In sports, we amplify this notion, either by force: footballers who take a tumble to block play, or me, who chooses to drag 225 lbs of extra weight down to the ground, just because.


Joints of the neck: C1 & C2 are compressed, irritating the nerve and causing pain. Source:

How does ELDOA decompress your joints?

Through carefully performed stretches applied with tension. The tension creates the space and the space releases pressure on the nerve. As an added benefit, the attached muscle receives hydration from liquids that were previously blocked.

ELDOA for low back pain

To address low back pain through ELDOA, a patient is asked to stretch their big toes and arms simultaneously, holding the pose for a minute. By placing tension above and below the lower back, this sequence creates space in the joints of that particular region.

An ELDOA stretch - Big toe is stretching inward, wrists stretching backwards.

An ELDOA stretch – Big toe is stretching inward, wrists stretching backwards. SOURCE: Mind Body Pump (

ELDOA is a unique but logical method in the treatment of joint pain and injuries. In some reported cases, pain levels have been shown to drop from a ten to a one.

To learn more about ELDOA, and the teachings of Dr. Guy Voyer, visit for a workshop near you.


As always, pushing for health.