FOOD, NUTRITION 6th June 2016

Smart Protein Picks: The RXBar


So here we are, summer has arrived, you’re counting calories, eating clean and dragging your butt to the 6am spin class. Whether you’re planning logistics of the family trip to Florida or checking Jitney coach schedules to the Hamptons, one thing is for sure: you’re gonna look hot this year. Enter protein bars: a staple to most hot bodies. I have tried many protein bars in the past, but recently came across a new kid on the block: RXBars which have already won me over, so much so I couldn’t wait to get online and share this review with you!

Review of RXBar

Full disclosure, I was not approached by RXBar to write this, though I would love to work with them (holla at me RXBar). Also, I was unable to try all eight flavors (available at My local Whole Foods only sells Coconut Chocolate and Chocolate Sea Salt, ironically my favorite flavor combo’s!


I love the fact RXBars contain only four base ingredients: Egg Whites, Dates, Cashews and Almonds.. that’s it! No preservatives, fillers or anything that sounds like it’s from the Matrix. There is also no added sugar, GMOs, dairy, soy or gluten; this bar appeases everyone and because the raw ingredients are so nutrient dense, this will tie you over till lunch or dinner. 


Every bar contains the same base therefore you can expect a chewy texture courtesy of the dates, with a pleasant subtle crunch delivered by the almonds and cashews, it’s a nice balance. Because the ingredients bind so well together you also get a nicely contained bar with zero crumbs – plus points for neat eaters! The best part: there is no chalky aftertaste, my personal pet peeve with most traditional protein bars. You can expect to finish this bar in five to six bites which isn’t bad considering it’s not huge (the only downside if I were to pick one).

Coconut Chocolate

First up is Coconut Chocolate, which I slowly chewed my way through as I gazed over Times Square from the 34th floor of the Crowne Plaza hotel last Wednesday (relatives in town, I made a quick pit stop to say hi). The coconut was subtle just the way I like, but the chocolate is rich and delightful. The dates are not overbearing with their sweetness, I like how RX has done this.


Chocolate Sea Salt

My personal favorite was this one, only because I’m a sucker for any kind of chocolate containing sea salt. I sat down to catch up on my usual online stuff and carelessly took a bite like I’m eating toast…. WOAH… my jaw dropped… this was a flavor bomb of epic proportions! I had to stop reading, take a moment and savor every sweet & savory second this bar afforded me. I wish I had bought ten of them! If you have a penchant for sweet and savory things, add this to your list! I can’t recommend it highly enough.



RXBars are $2.69 each, which compared to a Quest bar ($2.99 at GNC) makes them good value for money. It is also important to remember that RXBar is a company on a mission to make protein healthy and simple which does infact come at a manufacturing cost (just think Twinky bars and how they out-live humans, are very cheap).


Taste: 10/10 (amazing – orgasm for your mouth)

Nutrients: 10/10 (high)

Filling: 10/10 (kept me full till dinner)

Value: 10/10 (cheaper when compared to competing brands)

Size: 7/10 (good but needs to be bigger)

I have to give RXBar 10/10, no questions asked. Their product contains not only protein, but through the nuts and dates it delivers good fats and other highly beneficial nutrients. The marketing is very clever: drawing our attention to four key ingredients let’s us know this is a no-gimmicks product. If you want a healthy, filling and protein boosting bar, RXBar is an all star choice. I hear Peanut butter is amazing so I will be buying online as soon as I’m done writing this.

I hope you enjoyed this review and do leave a comment below letting me know what flavors and protein bars were your favorite. If you would like to learn about what chocolate bars I recommend hit me up through the contact section and I’ll gladly oblige.

As always, pushing for health xx


**Protein bar tips:

  • Pick bars with ingredients you can pronounce and which contain heart healthy fats from things like flax, chia, hemp seeds and nuts.
  • Stick to around three grams of Fiber and aim for bars that contain protein levels which are half as much as the carbohydrate count (e.g. a bar with 20 grams of carbs should contain 10 grams of protein).
  • Avoid protein bars as a pre or post workout food and focus on meat, dairy or vegan substitutes. Save your protein bars for snacking to keep you full during the day and for the same reason focus on bars that have 200 calories or less.

*Disclosure: This is not a sponsored product, all opinions are my own