FOOD, NUTRITION 23rd May 2016



Memorial Day is but a week away which means Summer is almost here. That beach is waiting for you and this week I have laid out my favorite salad creations to get that body looking right ! And hey, the beach isn’t the only place to show off, summer fashion is all about showing off those arms and abs! 

Here is why you should love salads:

  1. They are oober quick and easy to make
  2. They are Low Carb
  3. Eating raw food contains more nutrients
  4. They are highly versatile and you can get creative (think green leaves, walnuts & berries)
  5. They don’t leave you with that 2.3o post lunch fatigue
  6. They are budget friendly, costing no more than $30 for a week’s worth of produce ($6 a day lunch!)

Here are some of my favorites …..

Beets, Pecans & Radish on Spinach: 

A quick and easy lunch box choice! The beets reduce inflammation (a precursor for weight loss) lower your cholesterol and detox your body (more weight loss). The pecans provide healthy fats, relieve constipation and lower blood pressure. Spinach is high in anti-oxidants, rich in Vitamins K & A and contains a tonne of Iron!



Turkey, Radishes, Strawberries & Green Peppers on Romaine:

Seasoned with old fashioned salt & pepper this is a crunchy, sweet and hearty salad all at once! Turkey is rich in protein so will keep you full for longer. Strawberries (in season now!) provide the sweetness and anti-oxidant support. The humble green bell pepper is rich in vitamins C & E, Fiber and provides a good amount of anti-oxidant support. Last of all, Romaine lettuce comes loaded with calcium and iron, however it’s real power lies in it’s concentration of Omega 3 fats: the good fats usually associated with oily fish. Romaine contains 44% of our daily RDA!! Who’d have guessed you can get it from a leaf!! I’m stocking up tomorrow!



Berries, Carrots, Raisins & Grape Tomatoes on Swiss Chard & Spinach:

My favorite thing about this salad is the color. I almost didn’t want to eat it, but I’m glad I did. The berries and raisins were soooo sweet, complemented perfectly by the juicy grape tomato. Raspberries, like their strawberry siblings come rich in anti-oxidant support but are also very high in Vitamin C and Fiber (weight loss just keeps happening when you eat fruits and vegetables!!!). Carrots provide a much needed crunch to this salad, and from a nutritional standpoint are high in Vitamin A, but also provide anti-aging and anti-cancer benefits. Grape tomatoes are laden with Fiber (and they’re not a green leaf!!) and Vitamins C & A which both contain anti-oxidant properties also.



Cashews, Raisins, Radish, Grape Tomatoes and Avocado on Nightshade Kale:

To cap things off we pay homage to Kale, the Superman of super foods. It comes in many varieties, but be warned it can be bitter which is why I drizzled this salad with maple syrup although you can’t see it … odd. Kale is unbelievably low in calories, but is remarkably high in pretty much every vitamin and mineral that it warrants it’s own post. For weight loss you really cannot beat Kale, it has a very high fiber content and aids digestion and detoxification processes. The cashews provide a nice soft crunch but deliver hard on benefits, including cholesterol and blood pressure reduction, anti-cancer properties and efficient digestion. Avocado: a firm favorite of mine comes packed with good Omega 3 fats, and because of it’s fat content will keep you fuller for longer.



These are just some of my own creations but feel free to combine the recipes into a new salad. None of these recipes are over 300 calories and considering how nutrient dense and filling they are, you will be sure to see the weight drop off.  Nuts have longer expiry dates therefore keeping them in your pantry pays off when your salad needs some crunch. Feel free to drizzle any of the salads with olive oil, lemon or even maple syrup like I did. For extra protein add in chicken, turkey or salmon into any of the above, it all works!

Send me your creations on Insta, Twitter: @lifeisnotacoach or email: I would love to hear about your results too!

As always, pushing for health xx