FOOD, NUTRITION 14th March 2016

Eggplant Fun times!


Eggplant, or Aubergine as it’s known on the Continent, is this weeks feature food post.  It’s a great appetizer and if your partial to eggplant parmigiana but staying low carb, gluten or inflammation free, try my alternative…. it’s quick, easy and above all tastes bomb! Just ask my homies, they left happy bunnies (you can see it in their faces right?!!?).




INGREDIENTS (Yield:  2 servings)

1 Eggplant

Mozzarella Cheese (just enough to grate over… 1 oz is good)

8 Cherry tomatoes

Black pepper and Cumin Powder

Olive Oil

Handful of Spinach leaves or Basil

Half an Avocado (for the side)

Prep time: 10 mins

Cook time: 40-50 mins



1. Preheat oven to 350F , cut the eggplant in half and swipe over with olive oil, just enough to cover

2. Season with black pepper and cumin, bake for 40mins or until piercing it comes out clean



3. Cut cherry tomatoes in half, place on top of the cooked eggplant, followed by grated cheese and spinach (or basil)

4. Place back in oven for 10 mins or until cheese has melted

5. Serve up with a side salad of avocado and spinach, ensuring to season the salad


IMG_0231 IMG_0233IMG_0238



Enjoy and as always Push for Health 🙂