FOOD, NUTRITION 29th February 2016

Cook Breakfast!


Good Morning and happy Monday!!!!!!!!  It’s the last day of February and Spring is just a few weeks away. Have to say, by East Coast standards this has been a very mild winter.  We had the snow-storm weekend and a bitter cold snap two weeks a go, but all in all we’ve been spared a long cold season.  Speaking of long, it’s been six weeks since learning I have wrist tendonitis and in that time I have gone through icing, heat packs, supplements, ayurvedic medicines, mobility work and plain old rest. I decided to try out a few lifts this week since I felt it getting better.  Success came through in my deadlifts, but my pull ups .. not so much.  Then again, I expected that with six weeks out.  On the up side, less gym time has resulted in more reading time and very recently I came across an article in the New York Times headlined ‘Cook Breakfast‘.  The basic premise was to say that Society has shifted away from cereal to a healthier cooked breakfast. Inspired by this movement, I wanted to share with you all my current breakfast obsession: the humble Quesadilla!




1 or 2 eggs (I used 2, need that good fat and protein fix!)

 1/4 of an avocado

4-5 strips chopped red bell pepper

1 oz of milk (your choice: 1 or 2% / skim or whole)

1 0z cheddar or american cheese

2 – 3 cilantro stems

2 plain or whole wheat tortilla’s (small size)

salt and pepper to season eggs

Prep time: 10 mins


1. Turn on stove, place a non stick or stainless steel pan on it and pour on just enough coconut oil or olive oil to spread the entire surface
2. Crack two eggs in a bowl, add a pinch of salt & pepper and beat
3. Add milk and continue to beat a few more seconds

4. Pour mixture into pan and wait for 45 seconds before using a spatula to scramble the eggs













5. Next, chop up the peppers, avocado and cilantro and grate the cheese

6. Place half of the scrambled eggs and ingredients in step 5 onto half of the tortilla folding the other half over to cover it, do this for both your tortilla’s, but cook one at a time if using quesadilla maker





7.  Using your quesadilla maker, place your tortilla on to it, close down the lid, allowing to cook until the appliance alerts you it’s made (my one flashes a green light)



8. You can still make these without a quesadilla maker, just use the same pan as used for the eggs


9. Enjoy your ‘Cooked Breakfast’ New York Times style

IMG_0256 IMG_0255